Allergy kids are awesome SALE February 20, 2016 17:09

 20% off our entire range of  allergy apparel and tees for kids   

Fun allergy alert t-shirt range, just in time for the holidays

The Easter bunny is really on his way... these cute tees are a great way to communicate and start a positive discussion about food allergies at family and friends gatherings.
Just in time for school holidays and festive celebrations.
Not only are our allergy tees too cute for cuteness, they are also great way to start the conversation about food allergies or coeliac disease with your friends, family and community.
Also something special for your little man or lady, when they might be missing out on all the exciting looking chocolates around this time of year. Your little lady or little man will love to wear these fun tees, and at the same start the conversation about staying safe with allergies.