Be allergy friendly this Halloween October 30, 2015 11:54

Be allergy friendly this Halloween

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Keep kids with allergies safe this Halloween

We all want to keep children with food allergies safe. If you are participating in trick or treating in your neighbourhood, or hosting a Halloween fun activity show you care and consider kids with allergies, coeliac, and food intolerances.

Be inclusive and keep kids safe this Halloween. If you are participating in trick or treating or Halloween fun here are a few ideas to be safe and inclusive…

#Offer non food treats. This way no one misses out. Bubble mix, glow sticks, spooky stickers, colouring pages or small Halloween themed toys are always a hit! 

#Food treats in wrappers with a clear label of ingredients, treats made in Australiashould have clear labels and allergen statements for parents to read. Ask the parent to read the labels for you when you are offering food treats to children with allergies just to make sure.

#Consider food treats that are not only nut free but dairy and wheat free too. Many children with allergies may have a dairy, banana, seafood or wheat allergy for instance, or any kind of allergy that is not nuts. Children with coeliac cannot have any wheat or gluten.

#Don’t offer baked goods, which could have allergens. If you don’t live with allergies it may be difficult to be sure you are preparing safe food for children with allergies, it’s not worth the risk.  

# Ask the children’s parents if the children you are offering treats to have any food allergies, before offering treats. Up to one in ten children in Australiahave a food allergy.

# Have fun and STAY SAFE

If you or your child has a serious allergy and is at risk of anaphylaxis, always carry your epipens when you are out and about. And always double check ingredients on the label, sometimes manufacturers do change ingredients.

# Switch witch idea. Bring your own safe treats to switch if those on offer are not safe for your food allergic child. Swap or even wait until you get home to swap for safe treats if you have taken a non safe treat

# Be allergy aware, don’t share. It’s a good idea to promote allergy awareness amongst all children. Swapping treats without checking isn’t safe. Always encourage to children to check before swapping any food treats. And remind children not to swap sweets or food at school!

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Have fun and keep safe this Halloween!