Celebrate book week: Children’s literacy and allergy awareness & inclusiveness August 25, 2015 22:51

Promote allergy awareness, inclusiveness and literacy in your school or kinder
This book week, don’t be left out with these fantastic series of allergy books for children… including new titles.  Promote inclusiveness, allergy awareness and literacy all in one go with these great series of seriously fun and imaginative kid’s allergy books.
Allergy rates are on the rise. The number of Australian children being hospitalised with potentially fatal food allergies is increasing, with a 50% jump in hospital admissions for children with anaphylaxis in recent years. Around one in ten children in Australia are estimated to have a food allergy, and it appears the rate is increasing. Coeliac disease is also becoming more prevalent, with an increasing rate of diagnosis for children in Australia.
now available in Australia
Allergy Adventures, children’s series of allergy books, by Hailey Phillips, UK
Allergy Adventures books help you to teach your child how to tell others about their allergy and stay safe around food. Beautiful colour illustrations by Ivana Zorn, filled with rhymes and fun activities, a positive, imaginative story to engage children.
Children will be thrilled to discover the magical world of Allergy Adventures where exciting things happen inside a lunchbox. The stories encourage children to enjoy the foods they can eat whilst learning how to question whether foods are safe for them. As an extra bonus each book finishes with a simple and tasty allergy free recipe.
Four in the series they cover; egg allergy, nut allergy, wheat/gluten allergy or coeliac, and dairy allergy. Beautifully illustrated, and fun to explore with children. Fabulous rhymes to help build allergy awareness and scaffold early literacy.
My Food Allergy Friends series, by Jackie Nevard, Australia
My Food Allergy Friends is a series of educational books aimed at preschool and school children. The books help educate young children about food allergies and foster allergy awareness in the community. Bright, colourful illustrations that capture children's attention but at the same time teach them many important messages.
A fabulous resource to help children cope with the social-emotional side of living with allergies; as well as learning how to stay safe.
Join Thai on his adventures. Each book looks at teaching young children different concepts, like taking a safe party lunch box, a safe cake and swapping unsafe treats in party bags, along with always carrying their medicine. A birthday party is often the first time a child can feel excluded and different due to their allergies.  The second book, Thai's Big Adventure In The City, looks at ways to handle allergies when you are away from home and the third book joins Thai as he prepares for the start of school. It Covers an allergist appointment, symptoms of an allergic reaction, introduces an auto-injector and other important lessons that can help a child when starting school.

These captivating series of children’s allergy books are excellent for early literacy, are engaging and imaginative. They help teach children to navigate living with allergies, how to be a real friend and how to live safely with allergies or coeliac without feeling left out!

Both series have complementing learning resources, great for teachers who want to promote inclusiveness, and promote allergy awareness in fun, imaginative and engaging ways.
 Don't forget Australian longstanding favourites in kids allergy books, by Sally Learey:
Food for me must be Nut Free  and Food for me is Gluten free

These popular stories promote awareness about allergies and coeliac, and inclusiveness in a sensitive and fun way. Great titles that children find comforting and reassuring, and have stood the test of time. Helping children to feel valued and included, and presented with intelligence and charm.  Make sure your home or class room includes copies if they haven't already!


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