Minty lamb koftas August 13, 2016 09:57

These kofta meatballs are a fantastic, easy allergy friendly finger food that's simple and quick to make!  A versatile dish that is great for barbeques, canapés, lazy dinner or ideal children’s food.  As they have a soft and slightly spongy texture they are perfect for young children. The fresh mint gives a great new flavour, and is perfect with fresh lemon or lime – a great companion to any lamb dish.  


500 gm quality ground lamb (preferably not lean)

2 x tsp cumin

1/ 2 tsp cinnamon

2 x tsp honey (optional)

I/2 x bunch of very finely chopped fresh mint

1/2 x bunch Italian flat leaf parsley finely chopped

Good pinch of salt
½ cup of cooked cous cous (you can use gluten free cous cous or rice crumbs as wheat free alternative)


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Be sure to mix fairly well, this will ensure that the fat binds the ingredients, and this means you don’t need eggs at all!

You can be as generous as you like with the herbs, we like a lot. If “green bits” are a no go with your children you can omit or reduce the fresh herbs, but I have been surprised how many children really take to the minty flavour once they give it a go. And fresh lemon squeezed on meat or veges is popular with many kids too. 

Form and roll into small balls, slightly smaller than a golf ball size. Chill in your fridge for at least 1 hour if possible. Again, this will help keep the kofta balls formed, and no need for egg. 

Remove koftas from refrigerator and grill on a lightly oiled cast-iron griddle or barbecue over high heat, turning the koftas, for about 8-10 minutes or until browned. Alternatively cook on a tray in hot oven for 15 minutes, this a quick easy way I often use.

Squeeze lemon or lime over the top when ready to eat. Or your favourite mustard or condiment. You can serve with cucumber salad, flat bread, cous cous, rice and /or yoghurt if tolerated.