Sensational tofu Sanga September 3, 2018 14:15


So simple, this tofu sandwich is sure to delight.  A perfect lunch, or even light dinner when you need something quick and nutritious.

So filling and so yum ! You will be hooked on these sandwiches.


Quality mayo - soya mayo is the best, vegan or vegetarian

Firm tofu

Cooking oil

Iceberg lettuce or other super crisp lettuce (needs crunch)


Cracked Pepper

Soft regular or gf bread preferably white


Wash and pat dry lettuce – a few leaves

Slice tofu, around 0.5 - mm – pat dry. This is essential, so that they tofu will fry well, and be crisp on the outside.

Tofu needs flavour – simple salt and pepper is perfect for this sandwich. A generous amount can work well, but season to your taste.



Heat- smoke pan and add oil, (around 1 cm). When hot, fry your tofu slices for around 2 minutes on each side until golden.

Remove from pan, and allow tofu to drain on paper towels




Time to assemble, thinly spread a layer of mayo on each slice of bread.

Add tofu and lettuce… and there you have the perfect tofu sandwich.

Who can wait, eat immediately!



Recipe by Antony Alder