Thai’s Guide to Being Food Allergy Smart – Parent Guide October 24, 2017 17:16

Are you looking for an easy, beginners guide to living well with Food Allergies?

Thai’s Guide to Being Food Allergy Smart – Parent Guide, is the latest in the My Food Allergy Series, featuring the lovable character Thai, who helps children with allergies learn how to be safe and also feel included. 

Now, we as parents can be informed and delighted with Thai’s Guide to Being Food Allergy Smart – Parent GuideWhile a food allergy diagnosis can at first appear overwhelming, we can tackle a new life with food allergies, when we have clear steps to stay safe and live positively.

Thai’s Guide to Being Food Allergy Smart – Parent Guide is totally unique, and is the first accessible guide book suitable for the whole family!  Siblings, grandparents, extended family and teachers can join in, and learn about ways to help keep children with food allergies safe and included. With beautiful illustrations, photos and visuals this allergy guide book explores everyday situations simply and beautifully: How to stay safe at social events, bbq's, through to shopping tips and eating out with food allergies. We are presented with clear easy to read information, and easy steps to staying allergy safe and having fun in our everyday life, with the help of our friends.  

“It takes a village to raise a child”. We can all become food allergy aware, food allergy friends.

Food allergies are a growing health concern across the globe, and the rate of diagnosis is increasing at staggering rates. Hospital admissions for severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) have doubled over the last decade in Australia,USA and the UK. Australia is allergy capital of the world with one in ten children diagnosed with food allergies.  Adults onset anaphylaxis is also becoming increasingly common too, making it vital we all understand more about food allergies.

Thai’s Guide to Being Food Allergy Smart– Parent Guide is the perfect book to share with extended family, as it helps explain what’s involved to help care for your allergic child in a clear, easy to understand way.  

In this allergy guide book you will find many practical tips & tips on subjects such as:

  • Symptoms of allergic reaction
  • How to read food labels
  • Cross-Contamination & Hidden Allergens
  • Eating out tips & thinks to consider
  • Safe & fun tips for social occasions, parties, barbeques & Picnics
  • Sleepovers and playdates
  • Social impact of food allergies, tips for inclusion

This is a practical, easy to read guide book – jam packed with tips, ideas and things to remember when living with food allergies. Most of all, the book emphasises beautifully, what we all know: children with food allergies, are just like everyone else! Just like Thai!

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About the author:

Jackie Nevard is a hardworking food allergy awareness advocate, mum of two and author of the children's educational series My Food Allergy FriendsShe runs her popular allergy awareness educational sessions aimed at all children, across Australia and New Zealand. Navigating the challenges we all face being a food allergy parent Jackie has turned this to her advantage and uses her real life experiences to help others.

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