Ultimate Spice Chicken April 29, 2016 11:35

Allergy friendly adaption of American chicken or Chicken Nuggets

For kids with food allergies, coeliac disease and other food related health issues, “fussy eating’ can take on another level. It’s so important to learn to love food again and extend your diet, trying new foods and recipes when you can.


For any kid, meat can sometimes be one of those foods that are hard to coax your child to eat…“It taste like meat’!   ... Marinating chicken in this recipe helps tenderise it, and makes the meat much softer and easier to eat, and more delicious!


When you have food allergies, food intolerances or coeliac disease this an easy to make treat food you can make at home.
At our house we call it “ultimate spice favourite chicken” and we make it special. We use our favourite spices, which you can adapt to include your own favourite spices, or for young children can be kept fairly plain just as easily.


This recipe is easily adaptable options for all the top 8 allergens






  • Chicken breast


  • Buttermilk or  Yoghurt (one that’s safe for you – dairy/soy or lactose free) or Coconut milk


  • Breadcrumbs – you can easily use gluten free/ alllergy-friendly for you. The coarse chunky style are best like panko style. You can make fresh breadcrumbs if you are keen too.


  • Flour – any flour that is safe for you, preferably one you like. We like organic wholemeal flour. Gluten free brown rice flour works well too. Or white flours are also great, and more traditional, and especially if the colour is an issue.


  • Spices and pinch of salt. We use a safe Cajun spice – of chilli, paprika and Mediterranean herbs (optional)


  1. Cut the meat into sizes you like. Around 4-5cm is a good size. Not too thick is best.


  2. Marinate the meat for a few hours or overnight in buttermilk/ yoghurt or coconut milk. The meat should be completely covered and stored in air tight container. 


  3. Mix breadcrumbs, flour and spices in a bowl. Around half to half works well.


  4. Coat your pieces of chicken in crumb flour mix. You may need to skim excess milk/yoghurt from the chicken pieces before coating, it shouldn’t be too thick. I like to give a thick coat of the flour- crumb mix.


  5. Set in fridge for 20 minutes approximately.


  6. Fry pieces in medium to high hot oil in your deep frying pan or dish until the outer crust starts to brown and crisp. You may need to do this in batches, to avoid overcrowding the pan. Be careful not to burn the crust, if necessary you can brown each side and then place your chicken pieces, on oven tray in hot oven for 5-10 minutes to finish.


Serve with Japanese rice and pickled ginger, and lime wedges.


Or if you prefer you can serve with your favourite dipping sauce.