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"I have food allergies", allergy awareness t-shirt, pink

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Cool skull and cross bones design allergy t-shirt for your little one.

Designed for kids with one or more food allergies. Put your pixie in this super cool shirt to remind carers, grandparents, teachers and friends of her allergy. Perfect for playgroup, social gatherings, and holiday celebrations! 

Soft cotton and cool design your child will love. 

“Designed to give parents of children without allergies an opportunity to ask questions and to better understand food allergies". 

Stay cool, stay safe with this allergy aware t-shirt for your child. Communicate food allergies in a fun, friendly way, and send a clear message.

 Slim fit style, see sizing


designed by Allergy Apparel:

“Why skulls and crossbones? Other than the cool factor, a skull and crossbone is the universal sign for poison. Our skulls and crossbones are whimsical, trendy, but also eye-catching and they are a reminder that nuts, eggs, dairy, and other foods can be poison to a child.




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