Children's food allergy alert t-shirt for kids,cute shark – allergypunk

Shark attack design, food allergy alert t-shirt

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Fun food allergy t-shirts, shark attack! Perfect for the summer holidays, super cute and super cheeky! 

Help your little guy or girl and yourself face food allergies in a positive way with this fun shark graphic tee. We know your child is just like every other child, except they can't eat some foods. This doesn't mean she can't have the greatest shirt on the block!

This fierce looking shark will alert family, friends and strangers to the potential threat food can be for your child in a fun, humorous way that won't single him out as different. The t-shirt is stylish and beachy and of high quality. The aqua color and the brown hues in the graphic make it a perfect shirt with shorts or jeans. It will be the perfect pick for the first day of school, the party at Grandma's, or play day at the park.

Designed to help children stay safe, and communicate allergies and awareness in a fun way. 

Soft cotton and cute design your little one will love to wear, suits boys and girls

The holiday season can be stressful for families, these tees are not only adorable, but help families raise allergy awareness in a fun way. 

Talk for me Tees, a fabulous range of allergy alert t-shirts, quality designs to help families raise allergy awareness and stay safe. 


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