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An AllerMates Guide to Allergies Book

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Children's allergy guide book

Let AllerMates spokesnut, P. Nutty, be your child's guide to understanding allergies in this informative and fun book.  Its illustrated pages take your kid on a journey through AllerTown, where the AllerMates gang live, work and play.

Characters representing the pollen, wheat and dairy allergies, among several others, stop in to help teach children all about what ails them.

Not only is this AllerMates guide helping educating them on staying safe against their allergens, it's allowing them to do it in a fun, non-intimidating and encouraging way, which is how kids learn best.

  • 32 full colored pages
  • Authored by AllerMates founder, Iris Shamus
  • Measures 6.75"W x 10"H


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