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Thai's New Friend At Kindy, Dealing with Food Allergies, My Food Allergy Friends

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Thai's New Friend At Kindy, Dealing with Food Allergies, My Food Allergy Friends

Fabulous children's allergy book and education tool for home, school or early childhood education

Join Thai on his adventures at kindy. There is a new girl starting kindy called Estella.  Estella also has food allergies like Thai but she is allergic to wheat and eggs. As always the adorable, cheeky Rabbie is never far from Thai's side. See if you can spot him hiding on every page.

While this book covers many important issues regarding allergies in early childhood, it's sure to delight and educate its young readers. This book is a must for any childcare centre as an educational resource to aid allergy education, and promote allergy awareness and inclusiveness.

- 28 beautifully illustrated pages.

- A food allergy book that is easy for preschoolers to understand.

Main teaching points from book 4:

As always, carry your medicine - Auto-Injection x 2 and Action Plan
No sharing food or drinks at kindy
No touching other people’s food
Eating only from your own lunchbox
Washing your hands after eating
No one has to miss out due to their allergies
Other children have allergies too
Introducing a wheat allergy
Keeping a safe cake at kindy
Symptoms of an allergic reaction
What are dairy foods?
What is an EpiPen?
Hidden allergens
Interactive questions - Are these foods safe?



About the author:

Jackie Nevard is a mother of two children with allergies, her youngest son Thai, the inspiration for the main character -  has multiple serious allergies. She is very active in promoting allergy awareness in the community, including through her series of books for young children, and allergy awareness sessions.

Read more about Australian My Food Allergy Friends author, Jackie Nevard


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