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Food for Me is Gluten Free, Sally Learey


Food For Me Is Gluten Free touches on the highs and lows of being a coeliac (celiac) and reveals a secret that everyone needs to know.
A fabulous resource about staying safe for families and children, and inclusiveness - perfect for home, childcare, kinder and school. 
 Food For Me Is Gluten Free is an upbeat children's picture book about coeliac disease (celiac disease) : what it is, managing the gluten free diet, and how great coeliacs feel on the gluten free diet.
Food For Me Is Gluten Free has become a sought after favourite. 
A wonderful coeliac children's book your child will love to read. 
about the author:
Sally Learey is an author, educator & speaker. She
has two children and a husband with coeliac disease.

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