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My Zoo Adventure - Dairy free story book

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Join Didge and her magical lunchbox as she goes on a dairy-free adventure to the zoo! Find out what happens when she meets a beetroot monkey and chats to an ice cube seal on a fruit smoothie wave.  

Allergy Adventures books help you to teach your child how to tell others about their allergy, oRd risk of anaphylaxis, and stay safe around food. Beautiful colour illustrations by Ivana Zorn, filled with rhymes and fun activities, a positive, imaginative story that will engage your child.

Children will be thrilled to discover the magical world of Allergy Adventures where exciting things happen inside a lunchbox. The stories encourage children to enjoy the foods they can eat whilst learning how to question whether foods are safe for them.  As an extra bonus each book finishes with a simple and tasty allergy free recipe.

Paperback book, 36 pages of full colour illustrations. Ethical and environment friendly printing.

Allergy Adventures series of childrens allergy books are a perfect addition for childcare, kindergarten, school classroom/library, home or grandma's house!



Hailey Philips knows first hand what it feels like to have a diet that requires complete exclusion of a food group, in her case due to coeliac disease. And Haileys niece also had an allergic reaction, anaphylaxis to egg at 8 months old. These personal experiences give you an understanding and empathy that only people in the same position have to endure. Any food allergy, intolerance or illness that requires you to completely exclude a food (often to the point of avoiding any potential cross contamination) has a physical and emotional impact on your life

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