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Thai's Exciting First Week At School, Dealing with Food Allergies, My Food Allergy Friends


A postive, fun,  food allergies book for kids 

Join Thai on his adventures as he prepares for the start of school.

Thai's Exciting First Week At School is a fun children's allergy book that is designed for all children, ideal for teaching your food allergic child, as well as an excellent education resource for teachers. 

The third book in the series is aimed at school-age children and covers important events such as:

- An allergist appointment including a skin prick test
- Not sharing food and drinks at school
- Introduction of an Auto-Injector/ EpiPen
- The importance of having an Action Plan
- Symptoms of an allergic reaction
- No one has to miss out due to their allergies

Thai's positive attitude shows other children how food allergies don't have to stop you from joining in. Thai is confident and educates his classmates on the importance of not sharing food and drinks and hand washing. With captivating illustrations and the quirky Rabbie by Thai's side, the story normalises food allergies. It's fun and informative and creates discussion and an understanding of food allergies among children.


A fabulous series that not only aims to help children with serious allergies, like anaphylaxis stay safe and feel supported, but also to educate everyone around them so we are all food allergy friends. 

About the author:

Jackie Nevard is a mother of two children with allergies, her youngest son Thai, the inspiration for the main character -  has multiple serious allergies. She is very active in promoting allergy awareness in the community, including through her series of books for  children, and via her allergy awareness sessions.

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