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Food Allergies & Grandchildren: Pocket Guide for Grandparents, allergy guide book

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Excellent easy food allergy pocket guide for your family

Is anaphylaxis new in your family? Are you looking for an easy way to communicate how to care for a child with serious allergies, anaphylaxis or coeliac disease?

Do you feel comfortable with the level of care for your food allergic child by the grandparents or other family members/ friends?

If you are a grandparent, do you have questions about how to care for your grandchild?

This fabulous allergy guide book is not just for grandparents, but for aunties, nannies, or any carer for your child, also great for teachers! This fabulous allergy guide book - which also focuses on safely caring for a child with coeliac disease - is an easy to read book that explains the serious nature of these conditions in straightforward, simple practical tips and guidance.

Also ideal for those who have a family member who is newly diagnosed anaphylaxis. Whether your child (or grandchild) has a single or multiple food allergies there are lifestyle changes you will need to make to ensure proper care to prevent a food allergy reaction.

Pocket Guide for Grandparents contains: helpful stories, tips, facts and resources to help you learn how to safely cook, clean, shop for allergy friendly foods, choose a restaurant, make a visit more enjoyable by focusing on fun not food, and more...

Pocket Guide for Grandparents: Food Allergies & Grandchildren can help you find a new normal way of spending time with your grandchild while safely managing serious food allergies.

A fabulous easy to read handbook, with large text and with real beautiful case stories of children and teens, this book really brings the message home about safety issues like cross contamination, reading labels, and how children, teens (and even adults) might feel embarrassed when they are having a severe reaction. Includes excellent information and consideration about and for coeliac children.

Great case stories that can help you as a parent or grandparent of a child with food allergies to communicate different scenarios, and highlight ways to keep your child safe.  


Practical and EASY to read and understand, just the book we've all been waiting for.    

In recent years, the number of children with food allergies has gone up dramatically. Not only have peanut allergies, tree nut allergies, and dairy allergies increased but there are other foods that commonly cause an allergic reaction. The top eight also include soy, fish, shellfish, wheat, and eggs allergies. The danger from eating a food allergen is due to a reaction called anaphylaxis, which is severe and life threatening. Anaphylaxis symptoms can be varied and multiple, for example constricted airway and drop in blood pressure or hives and vomiting. All reactions can be sudden and unpredictable.


About the author:

As an allergy mum, Julie has been active in advocacy, education, support, creating educational materials, and promoting legislation regarding food allergy safety.


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