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Food for me Must be Nut free, Sally Learey, Children's allergy book


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A positive and fabulous children's allergy book

Help your child learn about and live well with food allergies, how to stay safe and also feel included. A wonderful story about inclusion, and the social emotional side of living with serious food allergies, like anaphylaxis. 

Food For Me Must Be Nut Free is a charming story about inclusiveness. A story that educates, entertains and inspires. It has been written for children with nut allergies/ anaphylaxis, for educators, and for anybody responsible for, or in contact with, children who have serious life threatening allergies.

Zac and Tess have nut allergies. Find out what happens to them if they eat nuts and how they can stay safe and healthy. See what fun they have doing the things they love. An engaging, enlightening story with wonderful simple illustrations.

Share this beautiful story with your child - children with allergies are normal just like everyone else - not different!  An excellent resource for children with anaphylaxis, perfect for childcare, kinder, school and home. This children's allergy book really is a wonderful resource to help your child feel supported in what can be quite a daunting diagnosis for young ones. Cheerful characters and heart warming messages.

 About the author:

Sally Learey is a teacher, author, educator and speaker - and has personal experiences of dealing with coeliac and allergies in her family -  she has reached out and helped thousands of children with her wonderful nut allergy and coeliac resources.

One of the first authors in Australia to write a help book for children with anaphylaxis in Australia. As we know, Australia has one of the highest rates of anaphylaxis. Sally Learey's children's allergy book, Food For me must be Nut Free, a valuable resource for every school and classroom, and kindergarten





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