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Thai’s Guide to Being Food Allergy Smart – Parent Guide

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Thai’s Guide to Being Food Allergy Smart – Parent Guide

Having a child diagnosed with a food allergy is overwhelming.  This book is a beginner’s guide to food allergies and will help you educate your family and friends on some basic steps to living life safely and positively with allergies. Food allergies may be challenging at times, but they are manageable.

Allergic disease affects four million Australians. One in ten babies will develop a food allergy in Australia. Allergy education is not just about educating  parents and their children. Whether we are young or old, male or female, whatever our occupation, as a community we all need to understand allergies.

In this guide you will find all the basic information in one spot, giving you tips on managing allergies at home, at restaurants, BBQs, birthday parties and when staying with friends. Practical information for families and loved ones, making allergies seem less overwhelming. A guide that parents can then share with family, friends and teachers.

Are You Food Allergy Smart?



Thai’s Guide To being Food Allergy Smart – Parent Guide on Food Allergies, is user friendly and explains the basics in a fun, and helpful way. 

Fantastic for carers and parents of newly diagnosed food allergic children alike! 

Perfect book to gift to a caring family member, grandparent, aunt/uncle or close friends who may help care for your food allergic child!  It takes "a village to raise a child", and we can all help children with food allergies (and adults) to be included and stay safe!

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