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Midi Medpac (Insulated)

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Midi Medpac

Perfect carry all for your essential medicines 

Fits multiple EpiPens or other essential medications 

Ideal for: Epipens alongside a bottle of antihistamine and asthma inhaler, asthma volumatic spacers and peak flow meters, diabetic medication, epilepsy medication, bulkier medicines and more...

  • Adjustable shoulder strap (from 80cm - 150cm) that can be worn over the shoulder, across the body or even around the waist.
  • Insulated Midi Medpac includes a thermal lining to help regulate the temperature of the medication, ideal for use when travelling to hot countries and for medication that needs to be stored at a certain temperature.
  • Made of sturdy and splash proof nylon material
  • Lightweight with zip around 3 sides for easy access to contents
  • External pocket for ID card for easy identification
  • Internal pocket for Treatment Card and any other required information
  • Roomy interior designed to take bulkier medicines or when a variety of medication is required
  • Bright orange colour makes Medpac easy to find 
  • Size: 19cm long x 10cm wide x 7.5cm deep

Includes medpac card

  • Medpac ID card with space for photo, name, emergency phone number and medicine expiry date
  • Medpac Treatment Card to enable you to write clear instructions on how to use the medication, treatment plan and additional emergency phone numbers

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