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No dairy, dairy allergy alert sticker pack, tiger design

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Dairy allergy alert sticker pack

Perfect for your little tiger 

Allergy awareness sticker pack. Perfect for lunchboxes  

sticker size - 5.7cm x 7.7cm

These fun and cute, vinyl waterproof stickers are a great extra allergy alert to carers and teachers. Ideal for school, childcare, kinder or playgroup. Or social gatherings.

FUN stickers that help promote allergy awareness 

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Designed for lunch boxes and drink bottles. Durable stickers, quite likely to last longer than the lunchbox or waterbottle...

Designed for children with serious allergies - anaphylaxis, or  dairy intolerances - but these allergy stickers are also a fun way for adults to communicate allergy awareness and food allergy education too! 

These dairy tigher allergy stickers are sure to grab attention

Instructions:for best results, apply the stickers to a clean, flat, dry surface and smooth over to remove any air bubbles. Allow to set for 12-24 hours before immersing in water. 

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