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Thai's Big Adventure In The City, Dealing with Food Allergies, My Food Allergy Friends


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Beautiful children's allergy book about living with food allergies

Ideal for small children with multiple allergies. A fabulous learning tool to use with your child to teach them about staying safe and living with food allergies, in a positive way. 

Join Thai on his adventures, the second book in the series is an adventure in the city, showing how to handle food allergies when you are away from home. With the help of his family, Thai makes safe food choices by bringing his 'safe food' and not taking food from other people.  Children can also have fun finding Rabbie who is hiding on every page of the book!

In this children's allergy book, children will learn such messages as:

-Other children have multiple allergies.

-Children with food allergies need to carry their medicine and auto-injector with them at
  all times. 
-Getting ALL food checked by mum and dad.

-Family and friends should be taught to wash their hands after eating food.
-Carry safe food and snacks when you are out.
-Not sharing food and drinks.
-Not touching other people's food.
-Not kissing people around meal times.
-Not taking food from other people.
-You can still enjoy food by finding alternatives for foods your friends and family eat.

Food allergies are portrayed in a non-threatening way, in simple language so very young children can understand. Talking points at the back of the book help you explore food allergies in a positive way with your child. Talking about it helps your child feel more at ease with their condition and less isolated and different.

Social outings can be easily be a time when children with allergies can feel  anxious or excluded, this book is a fantastic resource to help ease your child's anxieties and make them feel included, and also to help with their approach to eating. A welcome resource to help children with the social emotional side of living with allergies, as well as staying safe. Beautiful, fun illustrations, and perfect for young children. You can read it to your child, and then as they grow they read it to you - great for early readers/learners.


About the author:

Jackie Nevard is a mother of two children with allergies, her youngest son Thai, the inspiration for the main character -  has multiple serious allergies. She is very active in promoting allergy awareness in the community, including through her series of books for young children, and allergy awareness sessions. 


Fabulous children's allergy book to help your child with food allergies stay safe and build confidence.  

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