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Marty's Nut Free Party

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Marty loved to party. At every party, Marty was the first to arrive and the last to leave. That was before Marty found out that peanuts make him sick. Really sick.

Parties aren't so much fun for Marty now that he keeps ending up in hospital. How can Marty and his friends make their parties safe and fun for everybody?

It just wasn't a party without Marty.

Short-listed: Speech Pathology Award Australia, 2013. CALEB Children's awards, 2014.

Marty’s Nut-Free Party by Katrina Roe includes informative Notes for Parents and Carers by Dr Elizabeth Pickford from RPA Allergy Clinic.  – making this a good book to gift to your child’s classroom or childcare centre.

Katrina (mother of a son with peanut allergy) wrote this book to help other families understand what it is like to be the "allergic" child, who is often left out at birthday parties and celebrations because the food is not safe for them, and to encourage consideration for children with food allergies.

Katrina Roe is an author and radio presenter. Her second book, Emily Eases Her

Wheezes, was listed as a Notable Book by CBCA in 2015. 



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