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Thai's First Ambulance Ride - Explaining Anaphylaxis, My Food Allergy Friends

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Having food allergies can be challenging, this book will help you and your child understand what having a severe allergic reaction means. Covering likely symptoms of anaphylaxis and the use of an EpiPen®, the book encourages discussion with your child that may ultimately be life-saving.

Join Thai as he experiences his first anaphylactic reaction.

Discover what symptoms he had, how his family helped and supported him and what happened after he got his first EpiPen®. Discussing Thai’s experience can help your child feel more confident and at ease with their allergies and opens discussion on any fears they may have. It’s important children know all the symptoms of an allergic reaction and know where to get help, they feel empowered to advocate for their own safety. As always the adorable, cheeky Rabbie is never far from Thai’s side. See if you can spot him hiding on every page.

This book is a must for any parent as an educational resource to aid allergy education and explain anaphylaxis.

Often we talk about the steps we take to stop us having an allergic reaction, but once accidental exposure has happened children also need reassurance of what happens next.

32 beautifully illustrated pages.


  • As always, carry your medicine – Auto-Injection x 2 and Action Plan
  • It’s not just nuts that cause anaphylaxis
  • It’s important to know all the signs and symptoms
  • Reactions can vary
  • Visual tool to help parents discuss anaphylaxis with their child depending on their age
  • Addresses EpiPen fear
  • Importance of reading labels
  • Symptoms of an allergic reaction
  • Anaphylaxis can happen without hives and swelling
  • What is an EpiPen?
  • Using your Action Plan
  • Antihistamine
  • New 3 second administration

There are teaching points at the back of the book for parents, along with resources and helpful links found on the website.

About the author:

Jackie Nevard is a mother of two children with allergies, her youngest son Thai, the inspiration for the main character -  has multiple serious allergies. She is very active in promoting allergy awareness in the community, including through her series of books for  children, and via her allergy awareness sessions.

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