Fridge-to-go Medium Lunch Bag - RED – allergypunk

Fridge-to-go Medium Lunch Bag - RED

$9.95 $39.95

 The Medium Lunch Bag lets you pack ANY food for the day such as dairy, fish (sushi!), meat, etc and because it’s cool and fresh it is more likely to be eaten and not come home! Perfect size to use with different shaped containers and fits easily inside a backpack.

Dimensions: 20 x 23 x 8 cm

– Slim line lunch design
– Ideal for 7+ yrs to adult
– Includes removable chilling panel
– Ideal for every day use
– Great for your complete lunch
– Fully collapsible to flat, means storing it is easy!
– Easy-tote handle
– Velcro sealed storage pocket
– BPA, PVC and Phthlate-free, lead-safe
– Wipe clean with soap & water
– Liquid is non-toxic purified salt water
 Surround cooling 8 hours 
– Panel contains 290ml of liquid


This unique range of cooler bags keeps its contents cold for up to 8 hours. unlike any Durable, collapsible, easily stored, re-usable and environmentally friendly (BPA and PVC-free and lead-safe) with bio-degradable panels containing non-toxic purified salt water. Perfect for your child going to school or for yourself to pack a healthy easy lunch. So much more than just a cooler bag!

How? – Using patented high performing chilling panels that are Earth-friendly and a process called Surround Cooling results in making travelling with food and drinks a breeze. Super Easy to Use – the panel(s) is inserted into a zipped pocket that is made with a special Tempguard fabric that lines all Fridge-to-go® models to help maintain the chill longer than traditional insulated bags and reduce sweating and wetness. In a rush? Throw the whole bag in the freezer or, as most of the cooling panels are removable (except the Medical Travel Wallet) you can just place the panels in the freezer and store them there all the time so they’re always ready in a flash!



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