My Meds Bag - Red Medical carrier – allergypunk

My Meds Bag - Red Medical carrier

$9.95 $30.95

Super light weight  - Perfect for carrying allergy & asthma medication

Designed to help organise medications, this lightweight medicine bag can hold 2 Epi-Pens®, asthma inhalers, nasal sprays, peak flow meters or other medicines depending on your needs.  

The AllerMates Red Medicine Bag helps you organise your child's allergy medication, or antibiotics, or other medications with caregivers, relatives, nurses, friends, and teachers.

These high quality medical cases are easy to use made with sturdy zippers that pull and open easily when medicine is needed. Also includes emergency instructions and important contact and medical information card that you can fill out regarding your child's specific allergies or medical condition.

    • Lightweight yet durable material makes this medicine bag great for travel, excursions, trips and everyday use. 
    • Three interior pockets with easy to access velcro closures help keep smaller medications in place. 
    • A detachable insert with two elastic loops is perfect for holding 2 EpiPens® or other types of medicines. 
    • Easy to access exterior pocket holds bi-fold emergency contact and medical info card.  
    • Conveniently measures 9.75”W X 7.75”H. 
    • Bright colour easy to spot in an emergency
Great medical carrier for on the go, or at school




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