Food Allergy Safety Rules Poster – allergypunk

Food Allergy Safety Rules Poster

$9.95 $17.95

  • The AllerMates Food Allergy Safety Rules Classroom poster measures 18 x 24.(61 x 45cm  approx A2) 
  • The poster's language is directed towards kids, so it will be easy for them to understand how to help kids with food allergies.
  • Safety tips apply to all food allergies, so this poster is ideal to protect everyone! 

Great Poster to promote allergy awareness at your school, childcare centre or playgroup - Large poster size 

  • Do you care for kids with food allergies? It's important to educate all kids on allergy safety to help protect kids with food allergies! Hang this cool and colorful food allergy awareness poster up in the classroom, at camp, in daycare or even at home. It helps explain to all kids how to keep kids with food allergies safe, as well as how to recognize an allergic reaction and what to do in case they witness an allergic reaction. 

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