Flatbox-Lunchboxes – allergypunk


FlatBox-LunchBox folds out to become a placemat. It provides a clean surface with each use!

From box to mat and back again.

A Smart Neoprene Lunch Box helps, this cool carrier unzips to form a flat placemat. Simply unzip, eat, and rezip. Machine washable material make it easy to clean time and again.

  • SAFE: PVC, BPA, lead and phthalate free
  • HYGIENIC: 100% machine washable
  • SMART: space saver - folds flat to store; lightweight yet durable
  • QUALITY: durable neoprene that assists keeping food cool/hot

Finding a safe surface for eating while on the go can be a challenge when you’re managing food allergies or coeliac disease. Wipes are always helpful. But for added peace of mind, here’s a less obvious solution: an awesome new placemat, such as the FlatBox-LunchBox by Solvetta. It does double duty as an insulated lunch bag that can be unzipped and spread out into the perfect placemat for children or adults on the go.

Perfect for:

  • school lunches
  • travel and eating out
  • people with food allergies
  • office
  • picnic tables
  • fishing, boating, camping and so much more!

 Which size to buy ?

We recommend regular for young children and large for older kids/adults, depending on the size of your water bottle and lunchbox/ snacks.