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Allergies and Asthma in Childcare and Kindergarten

Is your child with allergies and /or asthma starting childcare or pre-school? Did you know that there are national regulations for all children in early education and/ or childcare in Australia? This includes mandatory anaphylaxis first aid training for all teachers and educators.

It's a great idea to be informed and find out more about what your child's service can and should be doing to help manage serious health conditions like asthma and anaphylaxis. 


Children's services: guidelines & legislation for childcare, kindergarten & outside school hours care (OSHC)

Did you know exactly what your children's centre should be providing for your child with a medical condition, such as anaphylaxis or asthma? 

Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Worth reading the entire document, but in particular:

Part 4.2 Children’s health and safety (entire section)
 Division 3 - 90   Medical conditions policy 
91   Medical conditions policy to be provided to parents 
division 6 - 136   First aid qualifications

 You can also call your local Department of Education who enforce these regulations to discuss any questions or queries you may have.