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EpiPen Storage Tips

It’s essential to safely store Adrenaline Auto-injectors such as EpiPen® to keep it effective and ready to use in the event of a severe allergic reaction. Remember to follow the guidelines from the manufacturer for recommended storage tips. Adrenaline is light and heat sensitive so adrenaline autoinjectors need to be stored in a cool dark place at room temperature, between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius

EpiPen storage - key tips:

Accessible - Keep close and easily accessible within reach, anaphylaxis can progress rapidly and requires a rapid response. 
Away from heat - store safely away from direct sources of heat, out of the sun, and away from room heaters. Store in an insulated EpiPen pouch, and never lever auto-injectors in your car.
Away from light – store in insulated bag, or dark cupboard
Check regularly – check expiry dates and the window to ensure it’s clear, and not discoloured.
Temperature –  Store injectors in a cool, dark, dry place, ensure temperature is between 15°C to 25°C.

School Checklist

    • Never in a locked cupboard 
    • EpiPen’s should be within reach of minutes 
    • Easily accessible to all staff, but not accessible to children
    • EpiPen storage communicated to all staff
    • Discuss with family where adrenaline auto-injectors will be stored.
    • Well organised storage space - so EpiPens can be easily accessed in an emergency
    • Store adrenaline auto- injectors with Anaphylaxis plan which has instructions on how to use the adrenaline auto-injector and the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis.
    • Is storage area away from direct sources of heat and sunlight?
    • EpiPens must be away from sources of heat. Do not store injectors near a heater, or a window for instance.
    • Keep track of temperatures where medicines are stored which should be 15°C to 25°C.
    • Ensure EpiPens are stored in insulated EpiPen carriers, not stored in plastic or containers that sweat, or in an area that exposes pens to light
    • Adrenaline auto-injectors must not be refrigerated nor stored on ice as temperatures below 15°C may damage the auto-injector mechanism.
    • Keep away from damp areas, such as window sills or sinks
    • Ensure you have a school system to regularly check expiry dates and check for discolouration of adrenaline auto-injectors.
    • School excursions – always carry with student or teacher, not to be left on the bus, or sitting in sunny area.

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