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Letter for school, parent allergy resource

PARENT RESOURCE - template letter

A letter to other parents.

here is a template letter which you are free to copy and paste and adjust to your needs.

You will obviously need to tweak it to the needs of your child, and allergens and education setting. Ask your school principal or childcare director to check and adjust it. It can then be distributed VIA the school.

And it can be another way to build communication and trust with your child's school or kinder/childcare. Ideally this would be distributed each year. And can just be another tool we hope help raises allergy awareness.



Dear Parents

Welcome to another school year!

Food allergies are becoming increasingly common among children, and this year there are student/s in your child
s classroom who have severe allergy to nuts/ other allergens - any exposure to these items, even a tiny amount, could be potentially very serious and life threatening for these children.

We do ask our students and families to help make the school environment safer for all students, by following these simple suggestions:

Please avoid sending any foods that contain nuts, such as peanut butter or nutella sandwiches, muesli or health bars with nuts,to school with your child. Please avoid sending (list certain products)

Please always contact the Classroom Teacher before sending any food for sharing with the class for special celebrations like birthdays, Easter or Christmas.

Please remind your child never to share his/her food and drinks with other students.

Please wash your childs face and hands thoroughly before they leave home, especially if your child has eaten nuts/allergens (list) prior to coming to school.

Please remind your child often to wash their hands before and after eating

We greatly appreciate your support for children with food allergies. Together we can make a difference.

Thank your for helping to support our school community.

Kind regards

SCHOOL PRINCIPAL NAME / Childcare Director