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What is Anaphylaxis?


How to use EpiPen

Letter for School or kinder classroom

Template letter,  to communicate to other parents and remind them there is a child/children with severe allergies - and at risk of anaphylaxis - in their child's childcare/ school or classroom. Help promote allergy awareness and remind other parents to be mindful and allergy aware. Free parent teacher resource


School Risk Management of Anaphylaxis

Making a good plan at your child's preschool or school can make a big difference. What can you include? read more



EpiPen storage tips & School Checklist 

Do you know how to store EpiPens? Do you know they should not be exposed to light?Read our quick checklist for storing your EpiPens or other Adrenaline auto-injectors safely.


Food Allergy Awareness Video

New research alarmingly reports that one in four adults can not recognise the signs of anaphylaxis, while 70% do not know how to administer an EpiPen. Food allergies rates are increasing, let's build an allergy aware community of support. 

Share with friends or your school community to help educate adults, teachers and parents


Short version (4 min )

Full version  (17 min)

Unless you are a sufferer, their parent or caregiver, it is impossible to imagine the perpetual vigilance required to keep them safe, film-maker & parent Grace Farah


School & Childcare 

Is your child with allergies, asthma or other serious medical condition starting or attending childcare or school ? Find out more about your state's guidelines about health management.

Helpful resources for parents and teachers


Posters & Action Plans for school & home

Emergency Action Plans - including for school children - you may want to use in consultation with your doctor. In Australia it is a requirement to have a health care plan in place if needed for children in education and care settings. 



Allergy Adventures

Allergy Adventures: Fabulous allergy awareness teacher resources and online workshops which are fun and educational. Aimed at primary school children to raise allergy awareness, and educate children about allergies and how to keep friends safe!  Compliments a great, positive children series of books


 My Food Allergy Friends Great early learning resources, perfect for childcare and preschool, and early primary school. Free education resources for childcare educators, teachers and caregivers. After reading the books, childcare educators, teachers and parents can discuss the stories with children.


Health Information and Patient support 


Great range of health advocacy site for information. And patient support groups for food allergies, coeliac disease, asthma and more!