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Allergy Awareness Poster Packs

$9.95 $15.95

Allergy Awareness Poster Packs in small or large packs

Help raise allergy awareness at your kindy or school

Posters include:

  • EpiPen Saying x 1
  • Allergies and Me x 1
  • Nut free classroom poster x 1 
  • Allergies and School x 1
  • Food Allergy Smart x 1

packs include 1 x of each allergy awareness poster

Poster sizes are A3 

My Food Allergy Friends Poster packs are child-friendly posters for child care, kindergartens, schools and playgroups and senior schools too! 

Most preschool children and little preps can’t read! We have designed a poster series that young children will also understand through our images. Visual posters have impact for everyone.

These poster packs will help children become Allergy Aware. Providing colourful reminders about washing your hands after eating and not sharing food at school or kindy.

Posters provide awareness in your school or childcare community.

Awareness posters provide reminders for students, teachers, parent communities and children alike. 

Ensure your school raises awareness in helpful, inclusive educational ways with these delightful series of allergy awareness posters

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