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Medpac Active Carrier


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Compact pouch, light weight and perfect for when you are on the go!

  • Made of sturdy, water resistant high quality neoprene.
  • Insulating lining
  • Includes FREE Medpac ID Card and Medpac Treatment Card
  • Fully adjustable strap, with secure clip
  • Compact Pouch: 18cm x 8cm x 4cm deep
  • Strap length: Strap adjusts from 68 cm - 100 cm (approx) waist/hip size 
  • Designed to wear around the waist or hip
  • Fits up to 2 x EpiPens OR  1 x EpiPen and one inhaler
  • You can choose to either use the elastic (without plastic case) to secure your EpiPens more tightly, or without and fit snugly with the plastic case on. See picture description details

Medpac Treatment Card for details of how to administer medication and contact numbers.

Medpac ID card with space for photo, name, emergency phone number and medicine expiry date

Add extra treatment & ID card 



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