School Starter Bundle A – allergypunk

School Starter Bundle A


School Starter Pack Bundle - Option A 

Not sure where to start? We can help organise your school emergency medicine storage. Create awareness with school posters. School starter pack bundles are the perfect solution to enhance your medicine storage/identity policy in school.

School Starter Pack is a selection of our bestselling products for schools and childcare

School Starter Pack Bundle - Option A Includes:

5 x Sick bags  - twist and Seal sick bags allow accidents to be easily contained and disposed of in any situation

3 x LiteAire® Disposable Cardboard Asthma Spacer - Keep disposable spacers in your Asthma Emergency Kit 

1 x EpiPen trainer - ensure you practice with an EpiPen® training device so that you are prepared in case of an emergency

1 x Allergy awareness Poster Pack  -  Provide colourful reminders about washing your hands after eating and not sharing food at school or kindy. Plus How to use EpiPen poster - helping everyone remember how to HOLD an EpiPen. Pack of 5 x posters.

2 x Small Medpac (Insulated) Medical Carrier - Lightweight easy carry bag, ideal for: Asthma inhalers,Epipens or other adrenaline auto-injectors, diabetes medication

2 x Large Medpac (Insulated) Medical Carrier - Fits multiple EpiPens or other essential medications, including spacer.

1  x Large EpiPen Case - The AER Case EpiPen holder comes with easy to follow illustrated guides on recognising allergy symptoms & the use of your adrenaline auto injectors. Ideal for yard duty, excursions or spare EpiPen storage

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