Stickers-Don't Eat Me, I'm NOT Gluten Free – allergypunk

Stickers-Don't Eat Me, I'm NOT Gluten Free

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Gluten free Alert Labels

Help protect kids with coeliac disease or gluten free diet in the kitchen! Use these fun and colourful AllerMates Gluten Alert labels to mark which foods are off-limits for kids with coeliac disease or gluten free diets. These alert labels are designed to protect kids from eating foods that may trigger a reaction!

Have a babysitter or family friend coming over? Use these gluten alert labels to clearly show them which foods can not be given to your child.

Wheat/gluten free? These colorful stickers, make it easy for you to designate unsafe foods in your own kitchen

  • Labels can be used in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry to keep kids with food allergies safe.
  • Each stickers 5 cm diameter
  • 24 stickers per pack

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